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Buick's quest to find different customers: 'Think differently, act differently'

Buick is trying to shake its old image, using HBO, social media, streaming and other devices to attract a younger audience.

Carvana CEO sees no ceiling on buying from customers

Acquiring its inventory directly from consumers ready to get rid of their cars is all part of Carvana's strategy of "collapsing more of the system." It still has a way to go.

Europeans face EV crisis

Auto manufacturers used the Frankfurt show to make clear that EV product availability is only one factor, and customers must now complete the environmental equation by switching to the new technology.

A wrinkle for mixed materials: High cost

Mixing materials requires added manufacturing processes and additional investment in joining techniques.

Porsche building Taycans in a tight spot

To build one of the most game-changing models of its lineup, Porsche first had to figure out how to fit a factory into a cramped old German neighborhood.